The Third Temple To Be Built In Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound!

Third Temple


This is breaking end times news.  With all this focus on the four blood moons in April and the tenacious attempts by Kerry & Obama to sign a peace agreement with the Palestinian authorities, this announcement adds to the prophetic nature of our days.  It is well known that the Temple worship instruments have been crafted in advance of the Jewish people rebuilding the Third temple.  However, to have a high ranking Israeli authority announce his wish to build in the Al-Aqsa compound right now is very suspicious.  There is too much going on with this period of time.  Pope Francis will also be in Israel in May of this year (POPE VISIT LINK)

There is great pressure being placed on Israel to concede to the fake UN peace agreements.  The signing of a peace agreement with Israel is of major prophetic importance to all Bible believers because it is well known that this is the event that is associated with the antichrist and Tribulation period.

We are witnessing the most pivotal point in human history in which the forces of evil will come out of the shadows and suppress and enslave humanity.


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