Terrorism & Global Banking Directly Linked

This is an interesting post to me because many who study real history and don’t accept the propaganda know that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 established the debt backing of all the wars in the 20th century.  The banking system makes excellent returns when the world is engrossed in conflict, therefore conflict is good business for globalist bankers.  Terrorism is just the new globalist model for having an adversary that legitimizes funding the military industrial complex.  That is why this whistleblower report is really interesting because this marks a mainstream news report exposing the criminal behaviors of the globalists.  So my question is this part of a new Psyop (Psychological Operation) to make the general uninformed public aware that terrorism and globalist bankers are connected.  What is the backlash that is expected from this type of reporting?  Is the objective the continuation of the “Ordo Ab Chao” destroying all trust across the board in government, banking, schools etc.  Is the Endgame public despair in all institutions?  You be the judge.


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