Marduk & The New World Order

The 13 Satanic Bloodlines that run the governments of the world met recently with the Alien god Marduk at the much analyzed Nelson Mandela memorial.  I reported on this earlier (LINK) on how Nelson Mandela had been brain dead since June of 2013 and the world leaders arranged to have the memorial in December in order to engage in a Sun Worship ritual at the Voortrekker monument on December 16, 2013.  Many believe that this was the gathering of world leaders to meet with the alien god Marduk. This deity has been associated with the planet Nibiru and the approaching planet like body.  This material may be hard for some to digest but the occult run the world and worship these fallen angel deities.  For those following the strange movements of American presidents, I also reported that 3 presidents were in South Africa at the same time for some mysterious reason (LINK).  I personally believe that this Marduk is going to open the Revelation mentioned pit through the ripping of the dimensions with the help of the children of Cain and the CERN Hadran collider.  This video gives an excellent amount of content on Marduk and the connection with the New World Order and End of Days.

I am going to follow up this article with some very scientific posts that analyze what is going on with CERN and the changes in the magnetic fields of the planet.


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