Google’s Diabetic Glucose Monitoring High Tech Contact Lenses

It seems that I am writing a lot of articles on biotechnology, the combination of human body monitoring systems and miniaturized computer technology.  This technology is being marketed as a replacement to the messy pin and prick blood sampling technology that is familiar to diabetic patients.  This new development focuses on monitoring chemical composition of a patients eye solution.  I am sure that many will welcome the removal of messy blood monitoring equipment for a non blood  sampling technique.

google lens

Taken by themselves as individual advancements, body monitoring systems seem to offer great advancements in home monitoring health systems.  However, the same question always arises with new tech.  It seems that when all this monitoring technology is combined together that we will be a heavily monitored population with basically no privacy anymore.  I think that this is the ultimate big picture goal of all these rapidly rolling out technologies.  It appears that we are seeing a pressured roll out of technologies that seems to be keeping pace with an unknown or undeclared agenda.


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