Meteor Strikes Imminent! (Updates)

Meteor strikes are being reported as imminent by World Net Daily as a story of a half mile wide asteroid is approaching earth.  This story fits within my previous post about the seven days of passage through the Ison debris field.  We need to keep watch nationally for fireball sightings and have the general preparations for surviving natural disasters.  Of course the mainstream media will fill you in on Chris Christie and NY bridges or on The Obamacare rollout.  Keep your eyes and ears tuned in to the alternative internet news outlets for any news that matters.



(1/15/14) Updated

(1/20/14) Final update for this post


2 thoughts on “Meteor Strikes Imminent! (Updates)

  1. I am kinda confused. Is this the same asteroid that Nasa found a couple of days ago or a different one because the one Nasa mentions says it wont hit earth until 100 years from now. Same size and all

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