Friends and Colleagues Are Saying Goodbye to Sharon


UPDATE: Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was described as being in “extremely critical” 
 condition Thursday night, has had members of his former office and close friends visit his hospital room in quick succession, indicating the rapid developments in his failing health. The visitors are arriving at Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv, where Sharon is located, to say goodbye to Sharon and offer emotional support to his family. Sharon’s sons Omri and Gilad are not leaving their father’s bedside. “The situation is getting worse from day to day, not hour to hour but definitely day to day,” related Prof. Zeev Rotstein of the hospital on Thursday. “We the medical team, and his sons who are always there, continue to surround him with great care. Many people are coming to visit the family.” Sharon has been in a coma since January 4, 2006 after suffering a massive stroke. In…

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3 thoughts on “Friends and Colleagues Are Saying Goodbye to Sharon

  1. It will be extremely interesting to see if Sharon dies or the family decide to pull the plug on his life support tomorrow on the 11th January 2014 as 11 is an occult number that the Illuminate uses to telegraph their followers!

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