Biometric Registration & The Rise Of The New World Order Nazi’s

Just as good old Nazi sympathizer George Bush said back on 9/11/91 (my paraphrased version) “that a great ancient dream was going to be realized weather the world wants it or not a New World Order” of Satanists is on our door step.  There is nothing new under the sun!  “Show Me Your Papers!”, the Nazi phrase used at checkpoints set up throughout Germany will become modernized through the use of biometrics first then microchipping.  The Nazi’s know that by using Gramsci’s Communist technique of gradualism that you could move society away from Christian founded freedom and into a totalitarian police state.  Christians need to realize that the world is run by Satan and that he runs the Republican party also.  The only source of authority that we can trust is Jesus Christ!  Whether it is Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz, they will continue to put forward a fake defense to act like freedom is being defended.  This is just part of the game a limp wristed pansy resistance to tyranny.   It appears that 2014 is the year that seems to be the kick off to the full roll out of The Mark Of The Beast 666 System.  Most people will probably go along with the biometric registration just to be able to continue life as normal for a limited time but there will be a point reached at which the next step will be microchipping.  The Mark of The Beast in my opinion is what the Bible describes as some type of tech which when implanted changes the DNA of the recipient into a beast DNA and no longer human image barer of God.  Therefore just as God judged the Nephilim hybrid offspring, he will destroy those that willingly chose to change their DNA into The Beast.  Christians just need to place their complete trust in Jesus and trust that he will be with us every step of the way.  An eternity with Christ is priceless and temporary persecution is just that temporary.  Remember that we suffer because of Christ’s name and in him do we as Christians place our complete trust!

Here is my First post on The Global ID: (<<<<CLICK)


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