MC10 Beast Tech That Reads Your Minds Neural Impulses! (Updated)

Christian watchmen continue to keep their eyes open for the technological fingerprints of the soon to be rolled out Beast System.  I just got back from having lunch at Chili’s and used a dinner table monitor to order my meal & a dessert w/ coffee,  adjust the tip percentage added to my bill, pay with my debit card, and sign with my finger and get a receipt printed out right from my monitor.  All this without having to deal with cash registers or waiting in line.   Chili’s must really be behind the times.  I would have thought that they would have had a retinal scanner that would have denied me the dessert based on my latest poor Obamacare health profile.  Maybe I could get a dessert credit once my gym attendance shows improvement.  Of course I gave the waitress a cash tip just to have my minor victory against the Matrix.  I thought I would add this to the post for those that haven’t been paying attention to the rapid change in daily life.  This came on the heels of a report indicating a new type of sub-auditory Beast Tech being developed by Motorola.


MAIN MC10 ARTICLE (<<<<Click)

The patch above is the skin tattoo being worked on by Motorola to read the neural signals that are sent to the vocal chords just prior to spoken speech.   Of course people can view all technology in a positive way for curing or aiding disabled people but we know from experience that technology is rolled out as a cure and then used to deprive the public of their basic rights of privacy.  Every promise that has been given to get the public to go along with new technology is routinely broken.  If you recall the 30 thousand drones that will be flying our skies by 2015 were originally developed to monitor terrorists which I guess law abiding American Christians now fit that profile.  The MC10  technology can be potentially abused to actually monitor peoples thought patterns without them speaking.  It can be used as a virtual mind reading technology.  Which of course means it will be used that way in the paranoid Satanic control freak future New World Order.

I will continue to post these Beast Tech reports as each Illuminati front company rolls out its contribution to the Matrix.


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