Obama Supporters Are KoolAide Drinking Morons!!!

This is a dumbed down post for Obama supporters.  Try to watch the whole video before you fire up a new blunt!



3 thoughts on “Obama Supporters Are KoolAide Drinking Morons!!!

  1. Even if so…it is a ungodly approach in presentation and my ‘only’ problem is with sites ‘pretending’ to be Christian when they are 1st peddling politics in a worldly manner rather then Lord Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior…what could be more pathetic? It’s ok to disagree with his politics but not ok to call those whom support him morons (esp. since ‘some’ are Believers) and yet profess Jesus. Hypocrite & can’t be trusted in regards to matters of wisdom in Biblical matters.

    • I understand your point. I am fed up with trying to be understanding about the destruction of this country and at some point just have given up on trying to reach those who blindly follow him to their destruction. You can consider this my frustration post. I think if you believe that many Christians support this president then ask them why they support a man who is directly linked to the killing of Christians in Syria. He signed an executive order to fund the FSA in Syria which has Al Qaeda as a major part of this group that are executing civilians left and right in Syria. Our President supports Al Qaeda. This is by definition treason. If the Christian supporters of Obama still support him then this post was meant for them and they should consider if they are Christians in any sense of the Biblical meaning.

  2. If believers voted for this man then what kind of moral ground do you really stand on Eutawangel. This president has made it clear that he is against God when he okays everything that God is so against. As a believer you need to check where you priorities are if Obama is against God.

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