Getting Stoned in Obamaland!

Sorcery the Biblically prohibited Old Testament practice that God forbade the Israelites to practice is now legal in Colorado.  The Biblically correct use of the term sorcery is linked directly with drug usage.  Well what do you expect!  In a reprobate culture that willingly walks into destruction this makes sense.  George Orwell in his 1984 novel depicted a future culture where the population is managed by the use of drugs.  A government that has its designs on imposing slavery on  its citizens and the world would of course let its slaves get slammed so that they are more manageable.

What these young hip independent thinkers with their best pot giggles don’t realize is that they are just playing into the vice overload Marxist agenda that makes it possible to overthrow a free society.  Anyone who is interested in learning the point by point playbook for destroying this country just needs to read excerpts from the “Naked Communist”.

People need to wake up and not get sidetracked with vices so that they can be ready for the return of Jesus Christ!  You do not want to go through the 7 year Tribulation where you will be required to take the Mark of The Beast or lose your head.  The time for warning the world is almost over.


2 thoughts on “Getting Stoned in Obamaland!

  1. Oh is that so…..? So you do not think alcohol is a drug then? But wait–didn’t Jesus turn water into wine? is that why you don’t include alcohol in your naughty drugs list? What about psychiatric medication—dya include them, including the forcing of them and Ritalin on children in schools, homes, and foster homes. All that OK with you. No, you just lump them ALL in with pot and psychedelics don’t you. Absolutely clueless. MAYBE if more people took psychedelics in a respectful way, they wouldn’t look to the likes of Hitler and the Nazis as being lovely people. HINT HINT!

    • You obviously don’t get the point of the post. You can continue doing whatever drugs you want. No one will stop you. My point is that you are just playing their game.

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