United States Military Coup d’ Etat? Is that really the End Game?

I have long pondered this strategy that it seems more plausible than ever that the end of the Republic of America could come from a military Coup d’ Etat.  I am sure that this is one of the major strategies that have been war-planned in the New World Order for the demise of the United States.  With an incompetent Congress, sellout rubber stamp judiciary, and a Marxist CIA presidential impersonator in the White House, is this the real game plan.  Martial law is the end game that makes it possible to erase all our rights.  Once this occurs we will never get them back.  Anyone with any vision can see that our skies are planned to be filled with over 30,000 drones by 2015 and that we will be issued NAZI style Homeland Security ID’s by 2017 which allow for travel on highways between checkpoints.  The government has moved past any semblance of acting like they listen to the public anymore.  So how much time do we have?  Reverend Manning’s message made me think that the disgust for our government could make things ripe for the fall of the republic and those that want change won’t be able to ever have another vote in the future.  I am always wary of any revolutionary movements from the right or left because they are usually propped up by globalists so they can clamp down.  Tell me what you think.


One thought on “United States Military Coup d’ Etat? Is that really the End Game?

  1. Maybe you are correct. The future may be altered by God. America was the very base of world evangelization. Perhaps God will not allow Obama takeover. Another thing, America is heavily armed. I know drones are tough to take down but that ingenious American spirit can do miraculous things. God has a stronghold of ardent believers in America. That has to be a factor unless our luke warmness and liberal churches have made Him sick. Time will tell, they can’t threaten us with heaven if we are ready to go in the twinkling of an eye.

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