The Proteus Ingestible Sensors — More Beast Technology

One of the most typical ways of identifying Illuminati backed companies is based on their products names and function.  It seems that most of the Illuminati products are arising around equipment developed for transhumanist or Mark of The Beast Technologies.  The latest product that is pegging the creepy meter is from an article released on 12/26/13 concerning a chip ingestible data collecting sensor called The Proteus sensor.  Of course they promote the technology as improving tracking chronic conditions in people and uploading it to the “CLOUD”.  The experts comment that of course this means we are going to make a “Devil’s Bargain” where we will have to give up privacy for these new technologies.


Here is the official release below for the proteus sensor from their website:

“The Proteus ingestible sensor can be integrated into an inert pill or other ingested products, such as pharmaceuticals. Once the ingestible sensor reaches the stomach, it is powered by contact with stomach fluid and communicates a unique signal that determines identity and timing of ingestion. This information is transferred through the user’s body tissue to a patch worn on the skin that detects the signal and marks the precise time an ingestible sensor has been taken. Additional physiologic and behavioral metrics collected by the patch include heart rate, body position and activity. The patch relays information to a mobile phone application. With the patient’s consent, the information is accessible by caregivers and clinicians, helping individuals to develop and sustain healthy habits, families to make better health choices, and clinicians to provide more effective, data-driven care.”



Of course the article doesn’t discuss all the GPS tracking possibilities that Law Enforcement can get involved with people with these sensors.  We also know that it seems that all tech has backdoors built into the software to gain access to the microprocessors.  Also how do we know that some form of soft kill switch could be programmed into this technology to perform in a type of eugenics model.  Again this type of technology gives control of a persons body to the state.

The other interesting thing about the origin of the names of these products.  Almost all Illuminati companies have names of false gods for their products.  Proteus is a very strange name to choose for a sensor chip.  Proteus was the son of Neptune and was responsible for herding the sea “BEASTS”.  Why would they choose a name like this?  I will link below to the name Proteus in pop culture in X-Men comics.



As you can see from the above link, Proteus was created from an act of rape.  Much like the Genesis 6 account where the Fallen Angels mated with the daughters of men.  He is also described as a psychotic villain mutant whose powers are based around possession and warping reality.  I wonder if any of these traits were known about prior to naming the company or the products?


The above link gives the mythology of Proteus and his shape changing nature.  Other interesting traits appear in Psychology.

Again I don’t see how health and governmental agencies can be trusted with this type of technology or information with regard to issues of privacy and trust.  The United States Government has been implicated in many cases of experimenting on citizens without their consent.  I am sure that with the current Fascist nature of The United States Government that no good will come out of using this technology.


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