Homeland Security NAZI’s Issue New World Order Globalist ID Cards

“Where are your papers?”  The classic Nazi slogan made legendary in Nazi Germany during World War II has come to America!  Yes, that’s right The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in their best Nazi impersonation are mandating that American’s will require new Globalist or New World Order Identification, ID papers.  Military terrorism by alphabet soup agencies setup to imprison and punish the commoners and suppress humanity.  Only the elite Globalists from the 13 Satanic bloodlines will live the privileged life.  Oh where are the great Christian leaders like Joel Osteen or Rick Warren the author of Chrislam?  These pansies will be right there saying you need to obey Romans 13 and the state!  This is the legacy that our government has given us for their deal with the devil in Operation Paper clip.  They lusted after the occult sciences and saturated our government with murdering Nazi’s to obtain their secrets.  So is it any surprise that our country is being transformed into the Fourth Reich with Nazi traitors throughout every level of government.  Well God is still laughing in Psalms 2 and will continue to laugh until he returns.  These traitors are heaping coals upon their heads by willingly doing evil and opposing God.


Obama’s Nazi style SandyHook Justification for Seizing American Gun Owners weapons in the near future


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