America’s New Year’s Military Madness!

The use of our military around the globe has been abused by a New World Order elite group of people dictating their orders to the pentagon.  This is why the United States makes absolutely no sense in any of its military policies that they are pursuing in the name of America.  I would contend that all our military campaigns since George H. W. Bush have been built on lies and deception.  The American people have gained nothing from these ventures.  The Government of The United States of America was to represent the American public.  It of course does not represent the American people.  The only backlash that derailed the globalist plans to start WWIII lately was from a lively internet driven media blitz to stop Barry The Usurper & Skull & Bones Kerry from starting WWIII in Syria.  Now we are getting reports that we are allying ourselves with Iran against Al Qaeda in Iraq. ????  Does this nut show ever stop?  This is the same Iran that we deposed its democratically elected government in the early 1950’s so we could put in the puppet Shaw of Iran.  This is the same Iran that humiliated The Peanut Farmer President Jimmy I’m a globalist Marxist Carter by holding Americans hostage.  This is the same Iran that we have said has been funding all terrorism globally and is part of the Evil empire!  So how do we justify joining forces with Iran to defeat our CIA created Al Qaeda in Iraq?  Gary Stearman covers some of the details in the following video:

Now the 3rd release of 26 Palestinian prisoners is being conducted today as part of Skull & Bones Kerry’s brokered peace deal.  Our leadership is depraved and this aligning with Muslims against Israel should put the nail in the coffin for America as we will reap the prophetic destruction of America and the beginning of the New World Order Satanic Empire.

With the recent purge of 200 high level military officers ranking up to General, I see the writing on the wall as it relates to what America was founded upon.  It saddens me when I think of all the clueless people that have willingly remained ignorant of this creeping tyranny.  At the end of the day Americans brought this upon ourselves when we refused to remove communists & traitors from our government.  We spent our time playing fantasy football rather than maintaining freedom for the children and grandchildren.  Just remember next time you see Barry moving his lips he is really saying I am for proslavery for every person on this planet.


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