Mainstreaming Pedophelia In Government & The Private Apple Tech Market

The assault on human sexualtiy being launched against the American public goes way beyond the old adage of “What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business.”  Most Americans have no problem with standing behind the Constitution and individual liberties.  However, the LGBT community and other sexual advocacy groups such as NAMBLA will not stop attacking every last vestige of restraint against publicly displaying all types of sex in front of children.  These groups want to normalize all sexuality regardless of peoples religious and legal right to not uphold this Sodomite philosophy.  This is what Aleister Crowley adhered to regarding exposing all sexual acts to children before they become adults.  Of course this is being adhered to by the biggest single influencer on children the music industry which completely worships Crowley and his brand of magic.  It is this same Sodomite philosophy that got The city of Sodom destroyed!  Christians and other Bible believers were given events like the destruction of Sodom as examples of what God will do to societies that reject him and defy nature.


Now the “Duck Dynasty” Gay attack has now been reframed to target the Bible that if Christianity was done away with then homosexuality would flourish with no objection.  So that thinking is now progressing along the path that the first amendment is all right but Christianity is not.  The Bible needs to go is the answer coming from the homosexual community.  The problem is that when sexuality is allowed to progress down the slippery slope then you end up with all types of predatory deviant behavior and pedophilia is one of those behaviors that is wide spread throughout the homosexual world.  Many youth experience their first homosexual encounter from an adult aged predator since most predatory behavior is known to occur from previously molested youth.

Now Apple has entered the pedophilia arena with trying to sugar coat the homosexual online experience to lead young self labeled homosexual youth as young as twelve into the homosexual arena, an arena defined by sexual activity.  The Wikipedia definition of Pedophilia indicates that prepubescent age 11 and under are the target of individuals at least 5 years older and over the age of 16 years of age.  I find it interesting that Apple is targeting 12 year olds and up to avoid the legal ( I guess) cut off age of 11 years old to make themselves appear less creepy to the public.   Apple is offering a new APP for the young homosexual 12 years in up.


This for me just reinforces that there are no limits to human depravity and as the Bible says, “The heart is desperately wicked and who can know it?”  This same predatory behavior which was in the past publicly exposed and ridiculed for violating social decency is now implemented by the sexual deviants that occupy many positions in the intelligence agencies.   The past child pornography outing of pedophiles in the Department of Defense (DOD) and sister agencies such as the NSA have been buried.  It is not your imagination when you feel that you are being monitored by a bunch of reprobate degenerates in the NSA.


All this sexual assault in the culture of course fits perfectly within the Obama Marxist campaign to destroy America from within.  Yes, an attack on a cultures sexuality is one of the key techniques to destroying a country before a Marxist take over which we are most definitely in right now. (Note #26 in Link below)


It is important from a Biblical standpoint to stand for The Bible, The Constitution, & The Bill of Rights in America the last roadblock to the Totalitarian Satanic system known as the New World Order.


9 thoughts on “Mainstreaming Pedophelia In Government & The Private Apple Tech Market

  1. This breaks my heart to read something like this. To think that my 18 month granddaughter could be targeted when she is older by this unscrupulous programme really upset me! It is my prayer that Jesus will not tarry for much longer!


  3. I think the only difference today as opposed to the past is that people are more willing to discuss the issue in public forums.Sexual abuse of all kinds is as American as apple pie.When we look at the African slave trade of nearly 400 years,we can hardly imagine that the men buying young girls and women for slaves were only looking for field hands and housekeepers! The slave trade in America was a booming sex market.Pedophiles were able to “legally” satisfy their despicable cravings with impunity.A 5 year old slave girl had no choice but to accept rape as an unfortunate part of life;until the day she died.On the flip side, young white girls during the Antebellum also suffered a great amount of sexual abuse,although certainly not to the same degree as the African and Indigenous slaves.Although today there are legal remedies and protections for children that did not previously exist,it is still not enough.What we are witnessing today is confirmation :” …for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” A nation founded upon evil is bound to be consumed by its own corruption.

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