The Mark of The Beast Church 666 And Biometric Tithing! (Updated)

The American church is living up to its sheep status letting The Beast System set up the herding pen within the church.  I think it is hard to believe that anyone that remotely reads the Bible would consent to having a biometric scanning device placed in churches.  The Apostate church, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen & Chrislam probably will use the same system to desensitize their followers into accepting The Mark of The Beast.  It is sad to think how deceived that people who claim to follow Christ are right now in America.  Armed guards, biometric machines, and government data bases and I feel like we are screaming into the wind as people worship The Beast System.

The pastor the documented the biometric tithing story has come under terrible persecution in Pennsylvania and is basically fleeing the state to get away from the Satanic attack coming from friends and relatives.


3 thoughts on “The Mark of The Beast Church 666 And Biometric Tithing! (Updated)

  1. The other day I saw a video where John MacArthur says that if you take the mark of the beast you can just repent afterwards and be saved–that God will forgive that. Can you believe it? The top Amercian Bible Teacher on the New Testament, contradicts scripture with an opinion. And not just a question of calvinism and such–a matter of eternal damnation. I was sickened.

    • Yes, I am not sure if he has changed his position. He caught a lot of flack for that stance. Don’t know what was going through his head concerning that topic. Very clear cut in scripture.

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