TheGroxt1 vs. Duck Dynasty. War In Fringe Christendom?

Here we go into some surreal altered reality as the Groxt1 gets into the Duck Dynasty Reality Show Meltdown.   Deception is the key description concerning The End Times, so I am putting up a controversial article to challenge what we are witnessing.  We have two controversial Christian media personalities facing off concerning End Times Deception.  Those of us who follow the fringe of unaccepted mainstream Christendom know from viewing years of his work, (thegroxt1),  that there are patterns that do repeat themselves in his videos.  I find this particularly interesting because of the natural hostility toward Christians from the Main Stream Media that they would show so much coverage on Duck Dynasty.  I found it even more interesting that they would defend Duck Dynasty and the First Amendment.

This whole public debate from Duck Dynasty has an inflated choreographed feel to it that seems to be getting help to draw in conservative Christians to circle the wagons around this show.  I really don’t follow the show or the people but I find it strange from watching media spots that they have been promoted so heavily over the course of this year.  The media has never been friendly to anything remotely Bible based Christianity.  Fox in their best contrived impersonation of some Christian beliefs will be airing The Apostate Preacher Joel Osteen for some lukewarm happy talk with Christian sprinkles on top this Christmas.  I am most concerned since I am not a viewer of Duck Dynasty that this family is not connected in anyway to any Christian Ecumenical movement and The Catholic Church.  I would appreciate anyone who has any knowledge of this family and any One World Religion ties to post concerning what they know.  I am looking forward to see what happens concerning this pseudo-Christian drama that we are being subjected to and what happens if The Groxt1 from youtube starts getting his message regarding what he is seeing banned, blocked or scrubbed.  Feedback on this topic would be interesting.  Leave your comments.



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