American Illuminati Flu Pandemic Holocaust Has Started! The Four Horseman Are Riding! (Updated)

The Main Stream Media is not reporting that the great illuminati Flu Pandemic has begun in America.  They aren’t reporting this because they know that the Illuminati owners of all news outlets want it to spread into a pandemic.  Alex Jones discusses his family members and fellow friends that are dying or have died from the release of some type of pandemic flu.  As the media discusses Obamacare and Duck Dynasty real news is occurring which they won’t report.  Rev Michelle was out front with this story about nanobytes being engineered to kill Americans through radio frequency triggering.  In this video she spreads the news regarding the Alex Jones report and the elites forewarned plans to depopulate the globe through famine and pandemics.  People there is no “If Jesus Tarries another 20 or 30 years talk” to ponder anymore.  This is part of the end times pandemics discussed in the book of Revelation related to the Four horsemen of The Apocalypse.  People can add Biblical scripture quotes to this post as they see how it relates to Lab engineered pandemics.

(note on the video footage.  It  was edited a little strangely the brief music overlay stops when listening to part of the Alex Jones interview and the video of Alex freezes continue listening to whole video)


Prior RevMichelle Nanobyte Article  (<<<Click Link For Prior Article)

Illuminati Flu Pandemic Predictive programming put in the movie World War Z.  This is the setup for people taking the Mark Of The Beast.

I am including a video documenting what is claimed to be a remedy to the Bird Flu.  Oregano oil.  Click below to watch the video. There is a link in the about box for a online link on using Oregano oil.

Before It’s New has just updated this story: (UPDATED)

(Updated 12/27/13)


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