The Great Red Dragon Rules The Catholic Church

Historically Protestant Christianity has long associated the Catholic Church with The whore that rides the Beast in The Book of Revelation.  People want to turn a blind eye to all the idolatry and what is going on when people worship idols even if those idols are supposedly the virgin Mary.  Jonathan Kleck shows the images hidden in a typical Catholic idol  in a Catholic Church in America.  Idol worship is equated with hatred of God.  God says that those that worship carved images hate him and all those that do this will face his wrath unless people repent when shown this information and come out of Babylon.  Most people can relate to being deceived by the Devil.  Eve was deceived by the serpent and so have most of us at one time or the other in life.  The point is to recognize the truth and repent when confronted  with the Holy Spirit revealing this information to you.  Don’t worship any images, worship only Jesus Christ and you can find him in his word.  Wake up people and follow Christ not religion!  The Jesuit Pope and The Catholic Church is going to lead many people to take the Mark of The Beast and be damned for eternity.


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