Mandela Died In June But Burried In December All For Show!

Reports of Nelson Mandela dying in June of this year were accurate despite denials from everyone in the media and government.  Early reports from the Guardian claimed Nelson Mandela was dead but they were attacked soon after for the story.  Now the Mandela family claim that the funeral had been planned one year ago for December 14, 2013.  The cover story is that they were suing his estate and couldn’t if he was declared dead.  Sure, believe that one!  I’m sure it had nothing to do with a bunch of Sun Worshippers getting together for private rituals in South Africa today 12/16/13.  The media lies and governments lie and you can’t trust any of these people.  Mandela was a Communist Christian hater and there is nothing to admire about any Marxist or sun worshipping liars.

Blacklisted News Report Link

Mandela’s Real History Not So Peaceful

Two Good Old NWO Satanists Getting Together How Nice!



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