Sandy Hook CIA False Flag Exposed (Updated)

I am posting this video to help individuals see that the Federal Government and media outlets work together to promote False Flag operations against the American people.  The goal is the destruction of The Constitutional Republic of The United States of America.  This is the last standing Super power “supposedly” democratic country standing in the way of The New World Order.  The objective of the Sandy Hook Hoax was to disarm the American population so they could be conquered more easily.  As you will see in this video crisis actors go into a long segment about how the Lansa’s loved to go shooting and loved their guns and how the actors didn’t own guns.  The female crisis actor has been on the scene of 3 different crimes.  Is that possible? NO! All you need to do is look at Barack Obama and think through all the lies that he has said to the American people and then you can believe the government and media are working against you to bring in their Satanic New World Order.  The current attack on the 2nd Amendment is being conducted by Obama closing the last lead smelting plant in the United States by the end of December 2013.  These psychopaths will not stop.

This is the most recent addition to this Sandy Hook Fraud with intimidation of the Sandy Hook investigators.

I am inserting this recent connection between Barack Obama and the Sandy Hook Massacre the Day of the event to show that this False Flag was connected to this event with foreshadowing or knowledge of what was going to occur in Newtown.

This is the first video of crisis actors paraded before the complicit media.

The thing is not to be afraid of these traitors.  Everyone needs to put their trust in Jesus Christ because he will be returning soon to destroy the New World Order Satanic system.  These people including these crisis actors will be on their knees in front of Jesus admitting the evil that they helped to promote throughout the world and then will have sentence carried out on them and be cast into hell the lake of fire with the fallen angels and the Devil their master.

Dahboo7 just updated the Sandy Hook addition with this video:

I am adding this very excellent comprehensive documentary for those that want to see all the evidence pointing towards the Sandy Hook False Flag Event:








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