3 Christians executed after refusing to convert

I think that every American should be forced to watch the Muslim carnage being forced on innocent Christians through the middle east and be shown George Bush, John McCain & Barack Obama videos about how peaceful the religion of Islam is and this is what is await for any Christian that does not renounce Christianity. These NWO traitors have put Christians in the cross hairs of these Islamic animals. I think that was the plan from the beginning. Hopefully others will wake up and come to this conclusion and speak the truth.


downloadA Syrian city overrun by the Muslim Brotherhood was the scene of the execution of three Christian men who refused to convert to Islam, according to reports. The Catholic young men were killed by rebels fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad after they had taken control of the village of Maaloula, confirmed Todd Daniels, a spokesman for the American human rights group International Christian Concern.  “Based on the statement from the Melkite patriarch, these men were martyred because they refused to recant their faith,” Daniels said.

Also, 12 nuns were kidnapped at about the same time. They were identified as Mother Superior Pelagia Sayyaf and 11 nuns with her. “There are serious concerns for the safety of these women based on the treatment of women throughout this conflict,” Daniels said. He said a number of church leaders have been kidnapped and abused. “We’ve seen repeated instances of the direct targeting of Christians by the…

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