Obama & Fellow Marxist Traitors Intentionally Violate The Second Amendment – War Is Declared On US!

The Obama administration with fellow helpers in the Republican party who do nothing to protect The Constitution are shutting down the last led smelter in The United States.  This will deny the American public the ability to purchase domestic ammunition.  This effectively ends the Second Amendment Rights of United States Law Abiding Americans.  Gun confiscation will follow and law abiding citizens interned in FEMA Concentration camps.  They of course will be executed as a blood sacrifice by beheading in the tradition of Cain & Abel as a blood offering for cleansing Gaia.  I for one will not follow a government that creates laws by violating The Constitution and then says that we are terrorists or dissidents for supporting The Constitution.  These people violated their oath of office and have not held up their responsibility to defend The Constitution from both foreign and domestic threats.  The Federal Government and the alphabet Freemason run spy agencies have violated their offices and have committed TREASON against the citizens of The United States.

Rush Limbaugh & Bill O’Reilly won’t say anything because they are the Hegelian Right.  The managed opposition.  O’Reilly said yesterday that he believes Obama is a good guy who is just an idealistic Progressive.  No Mr. O’Reilly Obama is a CIA creation put in office to destroy everything that supports middle America.  By destroying the middle class the government can impose Marxist Fascist style slavery on the American public so that Satanists such as the Bushes and Pope Francis can have their New World Order.  I can’t be anymore blunt to people that they plan on completing their Freemason New World Order plans by 2016 as previously defined in my Zenith 2016 articles.

I will link the 2016 Freemason plan for enthroning Satan below:

Zenith 2016 Plan For The Enthronement Of Satan


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