Watch Comet Ison Whip Around The Sun! Wow!!!

The NASA shills were giddy with glee over the reported demise of Ison.  They have been impeding the reporting of the comet since January with only begrudging coverage.  Now Jessie of BPearthwatch puts out a great video showing that Comet Ison whipped around the sun and is continuing on its Star of Bethlehem historic prophetic track.  This should put on a great visual show for us in December and who knows what to expect with the debris field in January!  Remember for you new viewers NASA lies!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Watch Comet Ison Whip Around The Sun! Wow!!!

  1. The Comet Ison story is barely being covered by the media and it is potentially a major End Times sign in the Heavens that are spoken about in Matthew 24 about the signs surrounding the Return of Jesus Christ. You need to watch the signs in the heavens from a Christian Biblical perspective. The media won’t give it to you. This is a great video to show everyone about End Times Space Events related to the Bible.

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