Demonic Manifestation Caught On Camera or Hoax?

Well with all the other UFO disclosure photos coming out of Mexico and from NASA, now we are getting video footage out of Russia supposedly of a “Stretch Demon” scaling walls.  I look at the movements and just wonder what we have in store for humanity when Apollyon comes up out of his Revelation 9:11 pit?  I am putting this out there because it is important to show what is going on out there rather than just have 24/7 news coverage of did Obama tell a lie about Obamacare.  The news media definitely has abandoned ship when it comes to the truth so we have to decide for ourselves.  I will give the MSM credit for one thing they finally mentioned the comet Ison on the weather channel, NBC with Brian Williams and even NASA made some comments the other day.  I guess people were screaming at them too much to at least act like they know how to do their jobs.



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