Obamacare & Guillotines?

This video exposes some very scary documentation showing that ICD-9 & World Health Organization UN coding ICD-10 show coding for state sponsored executions of its citizens.  Within the coding you will notice guillotines listed as one of the options.  I find it strange that coding for executions would fall under any type of health care coding system.  When I used codes it was to get reimbursed for that service.  So a code for execution is very strange and seems out of place.  Of course those with a Biblical background know in the Tribulation period beheadings are part of the end time events for those that don’t worship the beast or take his mark.

I thought that the final portion of the video replaying Reagan’s comments on socialized medicine shows us just what a game the Republican party has played in allowing us to become a Neo-Fascist police state.  Leadership in both parties have willingly deceived the American people and now we are talking about guillotines of all things.  Evil is on the move and spreading throughout the earth and our government is doing everything it can to support evil.  As a christian I know that to be absent from body is to be present with the Lord is our great hope and we take solace in knowing that Jesus is coming again soon.  I would be terrified at what is going on if I was not saved.


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