Alien Disclosure Stampede Occurring Globally

I can hear the fat lady getting ready to sing as this story gains momentum daily.  My first story focused on several supposed NASA leaked stories concerning the arrival of an alien armada in the near future with pictures of ships on the far side of the moon.  I will link the story at the end.  Now we are getting alien related stories being released by the Mexican government to the public.  The question is WHY?  Why would governments begin to release photos and art depicting aliens?  My suggestion is that it is the Alien Deception concocted by the New World Order to deceive man into a one world global Satanic police state.  They want to propagate the Panspermia theory or our origins.

Why would NASA release these photos now?  NASA isn’t releasing photos of the comet Ison to the public but they seem to be releasing photos about the Columbia and UFO’s.  I have never  trusted NASA to be truthful in the first place.  What can you expect from an agency founded by Nazi’s and Freemasons.

Alien Disclosure Articles Listed Below:

Alien Disclosure part 1  (<<<<<Click)

Alien Disclosure part 2  (<<<<<Click)

Extensive Christian based discussion on Hagmann & Hagmann 11/25/13


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