Prophecy Alert–Iranian Nuclear Deal & Biblical Prophesy

This is a major prophetic jig saw puzzle piece to the coming Psalm 83 war.  Israel is being isolated and marginalized with the new Iranian nuclear deal.  The ground is being prepared for the kings of the earth to gather against Israel and Barack Obama is right there throwing America under the prophetic bus as usual.  If it is evil Obama will support it.  If it violates God’s law Obama supports it.  Obama in his position is bringing wrath against America.  We need to watch for the prophetic signs related to this nuclear treaty.  Netanyahu is vehemently tweeting across the twitterverse that this is a major historical mistake that America has entered into with the globe.  Pastor Begley goes over some of the scripture pertaining to this agreement.  The video cuts out at the end but the major points are addressed.

Of course American negotiators never stand up for Christians being persecuted by Iran including this one pastor imprisoned in Iran.

Israel is reacting strongly to this deal.  It is obvious that they perceive this as  a major threat and they are sounding off at an official level with threats of preemptive nuclear strikes.


Secular Bloggers are becoming very alarmed at what is in the works.  There is a pattern where peace is declared in history and war breaks out.  Hear this commentators concerns regarding this agreement.


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