Financial Collapse Will Occur When Obamacare Is Implemented Fully!

The final financial collapse is coordinated with the full implementation of Obamacare.  Obamacare was created to fail.  There is a hidden single payer program that will have the Beast Tech system hidden within the structure.  So the world currency will not collapse between now and the first of the year.  I am not posting this video to promote Lyndsey’s video but to show that we are engaged in a global takeover.

Since the financial collapse is coordinated by the banking elites they can do test runs and choose the best opportunity for implementing the New World Order.  This is the reason that our country is training with different emergency drills.  We are engaged in an extended drawn out Psy-OP program that is targeting the American people.  There are many people exposing the hidden chip technology requirements in Obamacare.

Paul Begley shows everyone the Microchip technology even in Walmart today:

Below is the article Lyndsey recommended.  More detailed youtube videos have been posted since the release of Lyndsey’s video.  If events don’t proceed as the elites expect we will continue to see False Flag events unfold to drive the public into the police state needed to control the population.

Lyndsey’s Recommended Article (<<<Click)

I think the natural progression that people make when they first become aware of the New World Order Matrix that is coming to take over the world is to freak out and begin prepping like crazy.  I think it is a major mistake to waste enormous time and worry over building bunkers or planning on taking on the New World Order.  People need to put their full trust in Jesus Christ and the Bible.  Jesus Christ is the author of freedom and the King that will rule this earth after he destroys the New World Order.  The New World Order is a blip in time and ultimately irrelevant.  Even if you lose your life by the Satanic forces that are rising, we know as born again Christians that we will return to reign with Christ when he defeats the New World Order at Armageddon.  I put my complete trust in Christ and prepare like I would to deal with natural disasters and have supplies for friends and families.  Outside of this level of planning, people need to spend their time communing with Jesus in his word and prayer.  Jesus Christ will bring eternal peace into your life.  Don’t get sidetracked with focusing on evil and lose your mind.  Turn to Christ and believe that he is the Messiah and you will be Prepped for Eternity!


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