Alien Implants & RFID Beast Technology A Satanic Conspiracy

It is interesting that the topic of RFID chip technology has been discussed in many ways related to the coming New World Order.  What I have not seen is the presentation of RFID technology and the alien implant technology.  I truly believe that the Alien phenomenon is related to Fallen Angels and that the spiritual realm drives the physical reality of life.  So it makes sense now when you think of all the X-File discussions on abductees being routinely abducted with alien implants being surgically implanted in the abductees.

What I present here is the obvious relationship that exists as two different groups are engaged in similar tracking information technology.  I think there is no way to separate the implantation that is going on by aliens and the development of RFID implantation technology that is hidden in Obamacare.  Gary Stearman & LA Marzuli clearly believe that the alien implant phenomenon is related to a breeding program where human DNA is being transformed.  Here is evidence of alien RFID technology being removed from abductees.

I think that there is no way to deny that there are human agents within our government working in coordination with the fallen angels to enslave the world for the coming Antichrist.  Obamacare is the model for rolling out hidden general implantation legislation that will be forced on global populations.  Here is a video where the presenters are intentionally trying to deceive youth into thinking they will be getting super powers through implants.

Again I need to re-emphasize the point that alien implants and human implants going on at the same time is no coincidence.  This is a Fallen Angel agenda being implemented by Lucifer’s agents through our world governments.  Hollywood shows the image of human traitors working in league with aliens to overthrow humanity in the movie Transformers Dark of the moon.


16 thoughts on “Alien Implants & RFID Beast Technology A Satanic Conspiracy

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  2. One gets the impression that people have little or no real interest in why Satan would even bother inspiring those who develope this type of tech devices?

    But the reason is really quite chillingly terrifying to contemplate.
    The Book of Revelation gives us a strong hint that God intends to replace the fallen angels with the same number of saved humans afterwhich everything comes to an end and Satan will run out of time and will be judged.

    To forestall this number being reached, He will tempt humans to take the Nephilim DNA and they will thus become disqualified from receiving eternal life. For any human to receive eternal life, you have to die, first: to receive a new heavenly body. But, as with the Nephilim they can’t die any longer.

    This explains that very strange passage of Revelation 9: 6, where John reports “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”
    What it means in my opinion is, that anyone receiving the mark of the Beast will not longer be considered as Human by God anymore, but will be regarded as one of the hybrids of Genesis 6.

  3. I also believe this will explain why those to do take the Mark, as reported by John, they will break out in terrible eruption of skin diseases too. As we know from the most recent past in experiments with Genetically Modified animals, they became sickly and debilitated with a extreme range of terrible systemic malfunctions.

  4. I wonder if you might kindly comment on something else which I have been giving quite a lot of thought on in the last two years as regarding God’s real reason for creating the human race.
    It’s concerning the utter disruption of the Heavenly order by the loss of 1/3 of the rebelling fallen angels lured away by Satan. Surely, these empty places must be filled to restore Godly order, it seems to me.
    And, doesn’t this go to show the reason why this wicked angel would dare to oppose the awesomely terrifying Creator, as he knew that he could escape destruction because if God did so, the Heavenly order could never be restored?
    Then came the horrendous shocking realization for this chief rebel, as shown by the accounts in Genesis and Jeremiah 4: the wiping out of the pre-adamic race and utter disruption of the 1st earth, the imprisonment of those angels who mated with human women, and the creation of man in the Garden of Eden.

    Which brings up 2 questions: why would Satan be so obsessed with the earth when he has full access to the rest of the whole cosmos? And why would he spend all of the eons attempting to destroy mankind, when its not all the important if one can be perfectly content elsewhere?
    Well, its certainly not because he is stupid, and doesn’t realize its impossible to win against Göd. He knows this, but actually has no other option but to resist his fate by any means possible, because God has said that he and his angels will be cast down to earth to be judged.

    My conclusion is this: since he has stayed so hidden and only appears just once in the entire biblical account of his doings, all that Satan has ever done throughout of all history can be summed up in a few words: to escape and postpone his judgment for as long as possible!
    Everything else, including getting humans to give God’s worship to him, is simply to destroy as many humans as possible.

    • I agree that it is an interesting question. I believe that the angelic rebellion is the key to understanding the purpose for the incarnation of man and the crucifixion of Christ. It seems to be based around free will and the angelic host being led astray by this Cherub that became full of iniquity associated with Pride. Preexistence is I believe where the timeline developed for the earth was set in place to deal with this issue of choice in choosing for God or against. Self rule without God or an admission to Gods sovereignty in the Universe. If Jesus is the First Only Begotten son and then we become heirs through Christ then the fallen angelic realm that opposes God would oppose and hate us just as must as born again Christians. Christ says this in that you will be hated for my name. So to me this life on earth seems to be a cosmic resolution to the issue of “free will” and who will be acknowledged as God. As to Satan being able to travel the cosmos. The fallen angels seem to be kicked out of the upper heavens and their ability to roam freely has been lessened more and more as they have been driven from the upper heavens and that Christ’s return will be to cast them into The Lake of Fire as a permanent holding cell of punishment for destroying Christ’s creation.

      • Thanks for your reply and your answer which included something I hadn’t thought of before, Re: the free will issue. I’m acquainted with the whole systematic theology of free will, but I confess to never picking this up there.

        Most intriguing though, was you comment on the upper heavens. From my study on the subject, I understand the Hebrew word Shamaim, is a dual noun implying two heavens, either of the earth’s atmosphere, or of outer space.And that it can also mean the upper spiritual realm and the lower spiritual realm.

        So, that there is an “upper heaven” and a “lower heaven”, and an “upper earth” and a “lower earth”. The lower heaven overlaps the upper earth: a (spiritual) realm which the Apostle Paul called the “heavenlies” or “heavenlie places”.

        The thing is though, our Lord Himself is sitting on the birthright throne there, as well as the Satan holding onto his place there, where he is now presently.
        From what all Scripture tell us about both the work of our Lord and Satan, this place called the “heavenies” is where all spiritual influence and power is directed to those on the earth, and without it no human spiritual life on earth could be possible.
        But, from what Job 1:6 tells us, Satan and fallen angels still must attend some regular meeting of the Divine Counsel in the Heavenly throneroom area of God, where He is presiding and so Satan has not yet been cast out of the heavenlies plural.
        And here’s where I depart from the Orthodox “Restrainer” interpretation of the well-known passages of 2 Thessalonians 2 which treats of the finally embodiment of Satanic Power. There we are clearly told that the revelation of this awful being has an appointed season: He cannot arise before his time.
        We are further told that the Beast (Satan) could not be manifested on earth as long as he (masculine) now holdeth fast (to his place in the heavenlies), “but ye know what (Neuter) holdeth him ( the lawless one) fast, that (the Lawless one (Judas Iscariot) may be revealed in his time.”
        The KJ translators have thoroughly garbled these verses and they ought to be entirely recast, to show the play-on-words Paul used in contrasting the one who “holds fast” with the other who is being “held fast”, namely (to Phrears) the Abyss, where he went “to his own place, Acts 1: 25), after death when he betrayed the Saviour.
        Sorry, I do realize this is way off topic, but my thinking is in following where Scripture leads Re: Satan only losing access to the Heavenies when Michael and his angels go to war with Satan and his angels and cast him down upon the earth in these last days.

  5. Good points. The heavens is an interesting topic and Satan having access to The Lord in Job’s story only references him and not the other fallen. But this plain of reality is temporarily under Satan’s dominion do to the fall. The ability for Satan and his followers to avoid Christ’s reign is quickly coming to an end with no place reserved for them except in the lake of fire.

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