The Boys From Brazil — Obama, Bush, Clinton, Kerry All CIA Projects

I have thought this for along time knowing that the alphabet agencies are Rothschild & Rockefeller intelligence agencies.  The whole Matrix has put forward that we have freedom and liberty and we choose our leaders.  This of course is a complete fabrication.  The only way to get any real leadership would be through local elections that only use hand counted ballets.  This radio interview definitely just shows that the globalists are The Wizards of Oz.  The yellow brick road is made out of Rothschild gold bars and we hold fiat paper currency.  It is a complete joke!  Christ is the only reality worth your time.  Forget these stupid parties.

I personally do not endorse any media outlet other than the obvious small Biblically sound Christian radio shows.  Most media is compromised but do release truthful reports when it suits their purposes.  We are now in The Obama backlash part of his Presidency.  So stories like this which are most likely true are being used to pile on now with the Obamacare debacle which was never meant to work.  This is just the global Freemason Agenda of promoting “CHAOS” to destroy the last nation states.

Obama Backlash Article (<<<Click)


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