Hollywood Satanic Cult & Decrypting “Man Of Steel”

Illuminati Hollywood continues to spread their cult throughout world culture with their psychotic view of reality.  This group of Satanically deceived humans are true psychopaths.  They will stop at nothing to implement their occult Satanic reality known as The New World Order.  “Man of Steel” is just another occult inspired movie that says that man needs a alien savior.   “S” stands for Satan, not Superman.   People are being set up for the Exovaticana Alien deception that I am posting on my blog.

As with all occult (hidden) messages, those that have eyes to see can see the duel messages in this movie.  The traditional Superman line runs that the “Fallen Angel” Superman eventually mates with Lois Lane (The daughters of men) leading to a hybrid race.  This is the Satanic agenda to change the DNA of Gods creation to hybrids created in Satans image.  This is why that when people take The Mark of The Beast, they will be forever changed and be damned to hell for all eternity. I can tell you that when I view these movies in the theaters people are oblivious to the duel messaging.   The world is truly blind.

Those that know history can see Superman as the Nazi Uberman and can also see Global Elite indoctrination from George orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s Brave New World and Lord of The Flies.

The only answer for avoiding living with these Satanists is to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.  If you confess with your mouth and “BELIEVE” in your heart that Jesus Christ is the only way to God then you will be saved from this impending evil that is going to engulf the world.


5 thoughts on “Hollywood Satanic Cult & Decrypting “Man Of Steel”

  1. Hi there! I was shown this video and… Although I do agree that people are being deceived, I think that… Well, I have a differing opinion. I want to address your points first, then touch on a few of my own. I thank you for your effort in seeking truth and I hope that you are not offended; that is not my intention here.

    One of the first things shown in this video is “The Challenge We Face in Shaping the New Reality”. Can WE shape reality? Mmm, I thought only G-d did that… I thought we were told to spread the good news and teach what we have learned from and about the Messiah, Y’shua… Maybe I’m wrong..?

    “Look to the stars” is not a far cry from what Rev 1:7 says will happen. We will, in essence, look to the heavens when He comes. Revelation 1:7 “Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who had pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Yes indeed! Amen!” (One New Man Bible)

    Is “Collective consciousness” biblical?

    The “Orphic Egg” part.. Well, That was also referenced in “The Matrix” (1999). I would like to note that Kal/Clark/Superman is the first natural birth, so, he is not the “Orphic Egg”.

    The “He pits natural birth versus the immaculate conception of Christ” part.. Birth and Conception are two different things. Christ was born naturally, of a woman. He was, however immacualtely concieved. The part the was UNnatural in the movie was the ‘orphic egg’ you referred to previously.

    The “Infected Blood” part… While you see ‘infected’, I see it as a reference to Christ’s SAVING blood.

    The “Why they are here” part… Although there is just a scene of the movie playing and a formal point was not made, I just wanted to say that Y’shua (Jesus) was tempted in the desert by the evil one. He was offered all the earthly kingdoms and He rebuked the evil one. (This scene might be a reference to that.)

    The “The Deception Empathy” part… Even the pharisees rejected the messiah when he stood face to face with them.

    The “Satan’s Argument: There is good in us. We are capable” part… That depends on the individual. The evil one has many tricks, and I think every individual has a custom-tailored battle. I do think that there is both good and bad in all of us and the point is to, with G-d and Y’shua, only act on the good.

    The “Satan’s Argument: Aliens are good” part… Mmm, well, this part made me laugh a little bit (no offense). It reminded me of Spaceballs where Lord Helmet says “Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because GOOD is DUMB.” 😛 To my point, though: I don’t think that was the message at all. In fact, the line of the movie says, “Which is another way of saying it’s not from this world, Clark.. And neither are you” Y’shua says His kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD. Jonathan Kent goes on to say, “You are the answer, son. You are the answer to, ‘Are we alone is the universe'”. Y’shua IS the ANSWER. We are NOT alone. (But it’s not aliens! It’s G-d!

    The “Satan’s argument: I was only testing my boundaries” part… Again, no point was made here, but Y’shua was tested/tempted in the desert.

    The “9/11 twin tower wreckage. This is sick.” part… It doesn’t look like that to me, I mean there were lots of buildings destroyed in the movie (it looks like one building not two) and the structures are basically the same on the inside. I think any building wreckage would look like the twin tower to most people now.

    The “The Counterfeit Jesus” part… No clear point was made.

    The “33 Years, the age Jesus died…” part… Yes, that is one of the common thoughts although there are debates on the exact age he was when He was crucified (then resurrected).

    “A counterfeit sacrifice…” part… No clear point was made here, but the sacrifice was Kal/Clark/Superman submitting to the human race (being taken prisoner) and volunteering/offering himself for them (they had no clue who he is/was and he went to them).

    The “Satan’s argument: You love them more then me??? I will make you choose.” part… No specific points were made, but Y’shua chose us in all that He did.

    The “Worshippers of the Sun part”… Mmm, we need the sun to live. It’s more than a mere light source. However, I am a SON worshipper (as in the Son of G-d). Plus, G-d is light…

    The “Illuminati signatures” part… I don’t know much about the signatures themselves, but… A butterfly is a butterfly (I don’t think that was a monarch butterfly), 6011 is not 911.. It seems like one sees what they want to see/what they are looking for.

    Now, here are some things you might have missed:
    -In the scene near the beginning of the movie, Kal/Clark is on fire when he saves the men in the tower; this a reference to the burning bush.
    -The original Superman was written by two Jewish (young) men. The original itself has biblical parallels, perhaps because the writer/creators were raised with the Torah/Bible.
    -The director openly admits this was sort of a blend of Moshe (Moses) and Y’shua (Jesus) [Moses was sent away by his mother in a little pod and was taken in by the daughter of Pharaoh. He later leads the Hebrew people out of Egypt (Exodus). Y’shua, too, was technically adopted (as Yosef [Joseph] was not His biological father).]
    -The letter ‘S’ or ‘s’, which is the symbol for ‘hope’ in the movie comes after the letter ‘T’ or ‘t’, which is a cross, and the symbol for our Messiah.
    -The “not of this world” scene refers to John 8:23 And He was saying to them, “You are from below, I AM from above; you are from this world, I AM not from this world.”
    -Superman wears a cape; Y’shua (Jesus) wore a tallit.

    I am sure there are a lot more, I just cannot think of them.

    Friend, I do not mean to insult or offend you. In a mess of deceit, I think a clear perspective is truly a blessing. We don’t need to add to the mess. ‘Man of Steel’ is a movie, based on a comic book that was written by men that were most likely raised with Torah (the 5 books of Moshe [Moses], the first 5 books of the bible) or Tanakh.

    Thank you for your search for truth! May God Bless you!

    • I meant ‘t’ comes after ‘s’… Haha! I rewrote it and messed up! And I had a few other ‘oops’ moments as well!

  2. Hello, I am french.
    Please, look at this video, and you will understand that this tv show ” smallville ” is corrupted by Luciferian or freemason :

    God bless you

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