The Mark of The Beast 666 Get a Biblical Understanding

Pastor Gregory Miller Preaches an excellent 2 part series on The Mark of The Beast from Revelation 13.  Pastor Miller is a staunch defender of the King James Bible.  I would recommend that people hold their judgement on Bible versions and listen to this excellent presentation.  Pastor Miller brings up controversial teaching concerning the Mark which is being preached on this topic.  The main thing to focus on is what does the Bible say concerning the Mark of The Beast rather than individual speculation.  It is important to stick with what the Bible says rather than creating your own theology.

The Second part of this topic is presented to conclude the discussion on The Mark Of The Beast.  Taking the mark means eternal damnation!

It is important to remember that Heresy begets Heresy and we are all susceptible to committing heresy when we deviate from scripture.  Humble yourself and follow scripture and lean not on your own understanding but what God teaches in scripture.  We need to repent of heresy when it is pointed out or the Holy Spirit convicts your heart.

I would recommend sending this sermon to unbelievers.  They know about the mark but don’t know the Bible.


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