JP Morgan & China — Financial Upheaval In A Shady Ponzi Scheme Banking World

There are major changes occurring in the financial world over the past year.  Most regular Americans are not aware of the financial USA titanic sinking.  Members of the global elite family mobsters such as the Rockefellers are showing obvious signs that things are changing forever in America.

Elites Flee America After Looting All They Can Get Away With

This article is an attempt to link several significant banking events that show that the American Ponzi scheme designers are abandoning ship and we are now under new ownership by Gold rich China.

The mysterious Chinese banking system has so many unknown factors related to its true liquidity.  However, the New World Order has designated that the Communist country will be the flagship for the 21st century.  It is so interesting to see has Freedom has been thrown under the bus in favor tyrannical forms of government.  I hope everyone gets comfortable with being a slave with non rights in the near future.

Here are the related articles discussing the sale of JP Morgan New York Real-Estate

Rockefeller sells JP Morgan in Manhattan to Chinese

Here is an article on JP Morgans bad business practices

Shady JP Morgan practices

This article has good video commentary on the Hush Money payoff for the 2008 collapse.

JP Morgan Pays Hush Money For 2008 Mortgage Collapse


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