Engineering Chaos — Nazis, Aliens, & Grid Ex II

This is an excellent video compilation that examines many components that most likely will occur during this coming false flag event known as Grid Ex II.  For those that have not been following the Nazification of the Globe this video will challenge your beliefs.  The main point to focus on is that the end times are marked by “DECEPTION”.  The governments are involved in misleading the populations to accept the Satanic New World Order.  This is a Satanic global alliance intentionally lying to change the fabric of reality.

What several prominent internet reporters have been talking about is the strangling of free speech on the internet with youtube & googles new standards on not leaving comments.  The government will control free speech for us.  So all these changes are convenient to limit the spread of information between the slaves.  We are being conditioned to submit to the controllers and only accept history written by Bill O’Reilly or Brian Kilmeade.  They do the thinking for us and tell us  what to believe.  Kind of feels like the good old days of the Catholic reign of terror known as the Dark Ages and the Police State orchestrating the Inquisition.  There truly is nothing new under the sun.  God is laughing at these people and is sending Jesus back to pass judgement on The New World Order!

Here is a Hollywood clip showing the suppression of information by the controlling elites:


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