What Does Obamacare, Saul Alinsky,Cloward-Piven, & Hope & Change Have To Do With Me; A Christian?

The simplest amount of investigation proves that Nazi National Socialist party and all forms of Marxism are the preferred types of government for suppressing the masses. The Right and Left paradigm still has one goal of slavery for the masses. Jesus Christ came to set the captives free. By definition that makes the leaders that pursue this Left/Right facade Antichrists!

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

Let’s make some sense out of the confusion and chaos with obamacare.  There are so many scandals with this era and president it’s hard to find a starting point.  Benghazi was bad enough, the mis-truth’s and propaganda associated with that are in itself mind boggling.  Mind boggling in that so many people believe every piece of propaganda they are fed.  We have already discovered that the Media is in the pocket of the government.  If you haven’t discovered this than you need to seriously look at what you are swallowing.


Obamacare is not some great humanitarian plan that will save America from it’s disastrous healthcare system.  We forget one basic thing.  America has been on the cutting edge for decades for health care.  We have some of the top medical facilities in the World!  We have some of the top teaching facilities in the World!   So why are…

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