Recent American Shootings Tied To Westfield Properties Owners!

It is too bad that American law enforcement seems to have forgotten how to do police work.  They have left all the police work to be done by social media patriots.  How come the guys who profited from the destruction of the 9/11 towers are the same people having these mysterious shootings happening on their properties?  Maybe we should run Freemason background checks on all the main players in these shootings?  Maybe we should run freemason checks on our police forces?  Wow, that would be too logical and the police aren’t really too interested in getting to the bottom of this story.  Something is coming soon because these people really don’t care anymore.  They are just mailing it in at this point.  How many times can we say that people need to repent and accept Christ before the maniacs start pushing the red buttons.

There is plenty of material out there on Frank Lowy & Silverstein.  Anyone interested in finding the criminals doesn’t need to look any further than these people and their associates. (CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE FURTHER INFORMATION)


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