FALLING AWAY – Vatican issues unprecedented Questions to the Catholic Church

I think I will have to rename my blog the Ecumenical News Network if I have to keep posting on Francis the Jesuit Pope everyday. The push toward The One World Religion is on overdrive. This seems to be a formula where the constant bombardment of change in the world is leaving people overwhelmed shock after shock. I guess this is trauma based mind control applied to a global audience. Preaching the gospel is the answer for all the world’s problems. Trying to please the world will only please Satan. I hope people can see what has happened when you let the tolerance movements take over. There is no ability to judge right and wrong in peoples lives. Everything becomes relative and by default Satanic.


vatVatican City  – The Vatican on Tuesday launched an unprecedented worldwide consultation on modern families including same-sex couples as part of Pope Francis’s drive to reform the Catholic Church. A questionnaire has been sent to bishops around the world asking them for detailed information about the “many new situations requiring the Church’s attention and pastoral care”. “Concerns which were unheard of until a few years ago have arisen today as a result of different situations, from the widespread practice of cohabitation… to same-sex unions,” it said. Religious watchers said the 39 questions were unusual because of their non-judgemental, practical nature in what could be a signal of greater openness and increased pastoral care regardless of a believer’s background. Referring to gay couples, one questions asks: “What pastoral attention can be given to people who have chosen to live in these types of union?” “In the case of unions of persons of the same sex who…

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