US ‘Will Force’ Israel-PA Deal

Anytime the United States sides against Israel you can expect a Heavenly response to an attack on Israel by any country that sides against it. So as an American we will see Divine wrath directed toward the United States. This definitely supports the position that America is part of the Mystery Babylon confederacy that is punished in The Book of Revelation. Americans need to repent and get right with God before the final wrath is dished out onto all of us for these wicked men who supposedly represent freedom. America once had sense and had an Anti-Mason party to uproot these two faced serpents who occupy Washington DC. It is too late now in my opinion to save America. It is time to get people in the Christ rafts and come out of Babylon.

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

My Comment:  This brings so much scripture to mind, Joel, Zechariah & Daniel.  Daniel 11:33-45 makes for interesting reading, like reading the headlines from the morning news.

Netanyahu and Kerry meet in Jerusalem

(Israel National News)  The United States intends to try and force a peace agreement on Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), IDF Radio reported Monday.

The radio station says the US has informed Israel and the Palestinian Authority that if negotiations between them do not advance, Washington will propose its own solution, that will include a US position on every point that is in contention. In effect, according to the report, this will be an attempt to force the sides to agree on a solution formulated by the US.

The US moves comes after three months of talks between the sides which have reportedly made very litle headway.

The US plan reportedly is similar to the Clinton outline, which is based on…

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