Exposing The Obvious LAX False Flag Event! (Updated busted)

Actually, when this event first started, I didn’t even watch the coverage because I said to myself, I guess they don’t want people to focus on the food stamp cuts today.  Keep the sheeple distracted.  I wonder what Casey Anthony is doing today?  George Zimmerman should be getting pulled over for a traffic ticket by now somewhere in America.  So I purposely did not follow my buddy Shepherd Smith’s breaking story with his over sized Etcho-Sketch False flag monitor.  I said to myself someone else will connect the dots and put out the real story at some point.  So I went about my day hearing the Freemason trigger word “chaos” mentioned on the news throughout the day.  My favorite part is that people discussing The New World Order, Bush, Biden, Obama, The Pope are now being targeted as crazed shooting terrorists.  This is surreal!

Here is the original laughable police interview about the shooting notice the man slapping his head to the left when the officer mentions practicing the exact same scenario?  Completely laughable.  Gee I wonder what will happen when they do the Grid Ex II shutdown.

This video focuses on the the above video and breaks it down.

Here is another post discussing a radio broadcast laying out an eye witness account of this false flag information.

It is so interesting how so many people are blind and asleep and don’t even question these events.  They just seem in a trance in a fantasy reality.  It will be wonderful when Christ has put down Satan and this lying matrix and we don’t have to be subjected to these maniacs anymore.

(November 9th Updated Video)

Check out my other post documenting Illuminati messaging on upcoming November False Flags



3 thoughts on “Exposing The Obvious LAX False Flag Event! (Updated busted)

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