Explain Bitcoins To Me Please

I really don’t understand the Bitcoin phenomenon other than convenience and I am looking at the implications related to this new internet phenomenon of doing transactions.  To me, anything completely digital means that somebody somewhere with backdoor access (NSA) can erase all your money if they want.  It just seems on the surface like they are streamlining biometrics and Mark Of The Beast Technology.

What is Bitcoin?  This video explains

Bitcoin ATM In England

Of course for me the concept of “Decentralized” anything makes you want to jump at it.  I think the term decentralized is the bait in this concept.  Of course I think that if everything was decentralized, the illuminati would not be able to operate and normal communities could exist but this is pure wishful thinking.  As a Christian I know that these End Times will lead to the return of Christ ruling mankind following Satan’s grand deception on the world.  So I know Biblically that the world will become totally centralized under the Antichrist prior to his defeat at The Battle of Armageddon.


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