Illuminati November Apocalyptic Message Decrypted!

I am posting a very good video break down of a strange internet AD supposedly posted by the Illuminati.  For those following the Illuminati Conspiracy postings, they have a protocol where they post their intentions to conduct False Flag Events to bring in the New World Order.  The New World Order is the prophesied final Antichrist kingdom of The Book of Daniel and discussed in The book of Revelation in the Bible.  This post decrypts the message that their will be a cosmic event with supposedly planet X passing through the magnetic fields of Earth.


The Illuminati have been stealing from the American public for decades digging DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) across the globe for the elite Satanic class on all the continents preparing for this day.  What they have planned is a coordinated destruction of the Old world through Albert Pikes WWIII and a reemergence from their holes as The New World Order, The Phoenix rising from the ashes.  At that point they will enslave the surviving populations of the earth and either the people will take the Mark of The Beast or be Beheaded.  That is the basic outline of what is coming.   I tried out the link in this video and it did indeed redirect to the NSA website.

Whether this event occurs only time will tell.  All I know is that the main stream media will not warn you of anything to come.  That is why the free internet media bloggers are reporting real news and not the Globalist propaganda that our media puts out daily with their Ken & Barbie smiling reporters.

Here is Hollywood Illuminati clearly Spelling out what they intend to do about any possible cataclysmic event!

The final moments for Accepting Christ are now.  You are not guaranteed another second on this earth.  Stop putting it off and come to Christ.

I am also posting my Dead Astronomers Conspiracy along with this story:



2 thoughts on “Illuminati November Apocalyptic Message Decrypted!

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