Obama & McCain’s FSA Syrian Rebels Conduct Chemical Attack Again!

Barack Hussein Obama Muslim Manchurian Candidate President of The United States does nothing as usual when his Muslim terrorist American backed terrorists terrorize Syrian civilians Again!  The American media keeps everyone fixated on mindless Obamacare debates without showing the people real news.  I think that the United States provoking World War III through their proxy Muslim FSA chemical weapons using terrorists would be news.

I guess Lord Jacob Rothschild, Rupert Murdock & Dick Cheney need to expand their “Genie” drilling operations and Assad is in the way.  What a world of lies and deceit we live in today.  Thankfully Jesus is coming soon to stop such evil.  I am ashamed to be represented by Barack Obama, John McCain & Lindsey Graham.  These are people who need to be tried for treason and chemical war crimes in the Hague!


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