Fox News Invested In Overthrow of Assad In The Middle East! Conflict of Interest? Treason?

Some people may wonder why Main Stream Media doesn’t report real news.  Most people just assume that media reporters are just liberal and not interested in showing opposing views. Fox News assures me everyday that they are FAIR & BALANCED!  They are not like those other evil liberal Marxist outlets.  They have Jesus Mocker, Bill O’Reilly & Cheney worshipper Sean Hannity to tell me real Jesuit approved patriotic news.  While the world is collapsing around us and there are major global calamities like Fukushima, Death of The Pacific ocean, 100,000 cattle die offs in one day, & increasing earthquakes daily and global persecution of Christians both outside and inside the United States, Fox remains almost completely silent.  All these stories are consistent with Biblical End Times events prophesied in the Bible.  You would think that that would be news worthy to warn people that Biblical events are coming true.  FOX instead likes to show me the most important stories Jon Bennet Ramsey story updates, Zimmerman traffic stops, OJ Simpson updates, Casey Anthony sitings, teenage Bullies, nonstop Marxist Obamacare coverage, Hegelian Republican vs. Democrat news and constant stories of distraction that have nothing to do with Americans.  At some point you come to the conclusion that world is exactly like what the Bible says dominated by the Father of Lies, Satan.  American TV viewers may be patriotic believing in the Constitution, but the leaders owe their allegiance to the special interests who put them in office.  Special interests just means globalist fascist corporations.  Rule by the people has been dead since the establishment of the Federal Reserve back in 1913.  The Globalists have been killing our family members to enhance their bottom lines and since WWI.



At some point people need to wake up and realize that you live in a Fascist country known as the United States, it is the corporations that make policy and censor the news.  People need to contemplate the Biblical verse, “The Love Of Money Is The ROOT of All Evil”.  The Bible is always correct when analyzed beside the lies of our leaders.  Rupert Murdoch, Knights of Malta member,  along with New World Order Trillionaire Satanist Lord Jacob Rothschild seem to be major investors in “GENIE” oil exploration.  It just so happens that FOX NEWS favorite Vice President, Dick Cheney, is also on the board.  I wonder if Cheney told all the dead soldiers families that each of their deaths had helped his portfolio?

(I am including a minor point of clarification concerning this link.  Even though the article talks about the Israeli occupied Golan heights, I fully support the Biblical right to the land.  This story is about pointing out that you have the same Fascist Satanists involved in promoting war to fill their bank accounts.)


In-depth Link for Corporate Ties of Globalist Insiders (Tons of Information you don’t know)



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