Illuminati PsyOps Engineering Fake Revolutions–Russell Brand Exposed

The first point to address regarding this topic is to acknowledge that Main Stream Media is controlled by a hand full of Illuminati members.  Don’t get pulled into the idea that free speech actually exists on the Television.  So would the Controllers of ideas actually allow countering ideas that would disrupt their rule.  No!!!  So why would they roll out an interview about social revolution.  Does this remind you of the Arab Spring?  Does this remind you of George Soros’ Occupy Movement?  So here comes the Illuminati’s selected poster child Russell Brand to roll out the “Revolutionary” Che Guevara imagery all over again.  Call Jane Fonda her heart throb is back in Russell Brand!

The illuminati’s goal is to promote chaos!  They are trying to tear down any normalcy left.  They want law and order to be destroyed in all countries to implement their Beast System on everyone and terminate the nation state concept and roll in the Antichrist system.  So Russell Brand is just the latest, “Do As Thou Wilt, Should Be The Whole Of The Law” Luciferian to try to promote global chaos.   Here what other secular truthers are saying about The New Sheeples Messiah, Russell Brand.

Russell holding his MTV Apollo God Award.  God of Freemasonry!


Russell greeting and shaking hands with the Queen of the Elites!  Such a Rebel!


If I approached the BBC and said I think we should do everything that we did back in the days when doors were not locked, including emphasizing Jesus and the peace that passes all understanding, I would be ignored.  But put a person promoting chaos and anything but God philosophy out in the public and the media will promote it.  Don’t fall for these fake movements and their fake leaders like Russell Brand, former husband of illuminati puppet Katy Perry.

Revolutionary Wizard of Oz Illuminati Magician Russell Brand


Revolutionary Cuban Marxist Che Guevara Repackaged as Russell Brand!

che guevara

Jesus Christ is the real revolutionary!  The Satanic Matrix hates his guts and will do anything and everything to suppress and compromise his message which is to repent and humble yourself and know that Jesus is the Messiah.  The Illuminati will continue their rebellion but their time is short.


16 thoughts on “Illuminati PsyOps Engineering Fake Revolutions–Russell Brand Exposed

  1. I think you’re right on the money when you say that whoever is in charge won’t let anything against their agenda go out in the public news. He’s associated with all of those rich, powerful people who are in league with satanic occult and luciferianism, and he’s come out of sex and drug addiction. Definitely something suspicious going on here!!!

    All that power, media attention and sexual magnetism points to a luciferian in the making!

    • Yes, the controllers control the masses through religious structures with the state ordained priests put in charge of the sheeple. True Christianity is Jesus, you and The Bible with the Holy Spirit guiding you into a richer knowledge of Christ. When one accepts Christ as Lord and Savior then the indwelling of The Holy Spirit occurs and you will change if you pursue the spiritual things of Christ.

      • Right, I’ve also heard that before, how that was the intended approach towards the bible and its teachings. It doesn’t change the ridiculousness of at least some of the material though, we must been on different pages, that’s all I can think. I’m not trying to start a debate or argument, I’m genuine, but really, I began to read from the bible a few months ago and haven’t read a lot so far, however it’s something I will continue with just for a better understanding even. The way I see it, even the bible was and still is a tool – of course, it depends how one reads it; you’re fine to do so, because you’ve no outside influence to disturb your learning, but the masses definitely aren’t (when watched over/led astray by priests). Sure. But I still see it as being a design by them, at least society’s circulating versions of the bible, since King James version perhaps. They introduced that then for oppression, to suppress the individual, sexuality, to impose fear…
        Now I see it as them taking society from one extreme to another; they were behind Christianity for that age, that era, but they’ve been slowly introducing a new satanic age throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, especially the last forty to fifty years. LaVey spoke of the new satanic age that would take over society, it would operate on many levels, in many industries, supposedly alongside other religions. New Age, that’s a platform for pushing this and it’s truly accessible to people, it’s so vast. Oprah Winfrey was pushing New Age books to her followers, one of which was Untethered Soul (which may not be a New Age book ordinarily, I’m unsure), and that is also a book Russell has been reading passages from at the end of his Trews videos.
        Anyway, I’ve just been under the impression it’s all social engineering, Christianity served a purpose then, now Satanism serves them in this age, with any other religions to sweep up the strays… Christians are still controlled, the work is done, they’re more devoted than ever, for example, because of what they’re seeing in these times. As if the elite could be playing it like a script, to strengthen the bond between Christians and their faith, the prophecies are made a reality. Whether I’m right or wrong, I’m confident you’ll understand – this is a theory I’ve had for a while, seemed to just make sense, but I’m always thinking, always researching and learning, never switch my brain off really, since I became truly aware of the corruption in the world. I’m young; my mind is always changing, I might think differently soon…
        One thing I do struggle to understand though is religion and what you said about the teachings of the bible, the connection between individual, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Does one need to follow the teachings to attain spiritual growth? Because I’ve always been in the middle with everything I do, especially religion, I don’t rely on anyone in this sense, but I feel very spiritual within myself – what you might say is the Holy Spirit. You see some sources say that meditation et cetera is bad, anti-Christian, but surely it should come down to personal experience. Maybe I’ve been deceived, but I find meditation to be perfectly natural. Not necessarily the recognised form of meditation either, but just meditating on life, experiencing and being appreciate of life, things you enjoy, sensations, nature… whatever it may be, I suppose. I’ve also had and continue to have incredible, profound experiences (no matter if trivial) which I consider to be meaningful, spiritual, on a personal level. Anyone else couldn’t appreciate it, for it is my path. I have dreams, symbols, connections to something on a regular basis, like mini synchronicities! I also experience the ‘second body’ (as Robert Monroe called it) and have had interesting experiences so far with these vibrations and astral sensations, though have yet to fully leave my physical body for more than about five seconds to explore further. Again though, this is said by some Christians to be evil, satanic… All I know is how I’ve felt since the very first experience of this, a few years ago, when I was about fifteen or sixteen. It feels natural. I recently found Monroe’s book and it has been so relatable, I recommend you try and get it at a library, though you might have to suspend your belief, depends how rigid your thinking is. There are things here and there that I disagree with or am unsure about, but overall I can totally relate to his experiences and will continue to work with my own in order to move further in the second body. He also wrote two follow-up books before he died, they supposedly get more abstract, but I’m aware there is a topic in his second book (which I’m soon to read) that I’m familiar with and believe there is truth to it. That is energy harvesting, fear being a necessity for something working with and/or above and beyond the elite. Anyway, forgive me for rambling, I guess my point was that I’m without any religion, I don’t follow Christ’s teachings, I take pieces of relevant information from anywhere and everywhere, so therefore I’m without the Holy Spirit, yet I still feel that I’m changing, growing, in communication with something. Why is this? Would you say this is the Holy Spirit (the divine within) I’m in communication with? If so, why has this been possible without following the teachings?

      • Yes, people who do not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can have mystical experiences through many of the metaphysical teachings and practices that are taught in other traditions. The problem is the disconnection from The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit indwells the believer once they repent of their sin believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God and seek his will through reading his word and praying for guidance. The worldly practices open up the spiritual dimension without the protection of The Holy Spirit. Many use DMT to have mystical experiences or hallucinogens to enter the spiritual realm. The Bible teaches that one third of the angels left with Lucifer at the time of his rebellion. These angels can appear as ascended masters, spiritual guides and angels of light. Their goal is to deceive and lead people astray into never accepting Christ for his redeeming abilities. So if I remain high and pursuing the next spiritual fix then I am being led astray.

  2. I appreciate what you’re saying and your beliefs, I’m a little less trusting of any figurehead or religion, and it’s for this reason I feel I should continue as I am, following my intuition with everything I do. I do the best I can in life and I treat people with respect, that’s all I can say, I aim to better myself and guide others when they’re suffering… what more? By the way, what are your views on ‘fame’? On music, on bands who appear to be speaking out and trying to make people aware of the corruption?

    • I think you have many logical questions that mainstream Christianity has avoided in the modern era because they wanted to put forward a dumbed down public consumption version that wouldn’t offend the parishioner. I think a great place to investigate for things related to Lucifer his fall and the angelic state before the Garden of Eden and the implications of a corrupted DNA nature would be to explore the works of brother Zen Garcia on
      Dr. Joye Pugh also addresses all the implications and curiosities of Christianity and over 30 plus years of independent research. Her just completed series on Amazon is “Beguiled” a 3 volume set. I think that both authors will give you an exhaustive exploration into the phenomenon of the Fall and Lucifer.

      • Okay I shall look into both Zen’s work and Dr. Pugh’s research, be interested to see what they’re saying about the matter. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Zen found Christ in nature after a long period of traveling with The Greatful Dead fans and selling merchandise at concerts. A very nice brother in Christ. He also was involved in Shamanism and sweat lodges with Native Americans. So you probably could relate to his quest.

  3. Well this page was helpful to me made happy because there are other people who think like I do after all, this page put everything I think about Russell Brand now in perfect context . I have to say I was not keen on Brand when he was on Big Brother big mouth but the big mouth bit was right . I did see some videos few months back that made me think he’s just funny and comedic, and had a lot to say to the young people about change I followed him round on youtube listen to what he had to say and thought yer he’s got the right idea about some things but then I looked at the people he was with and how it looked like he was slowly getting youtube hits like mad and in most videos he’s loud and you can see a hidden ego waiting to burst out but never thought anything of it, then after a few days it dawned on me . I ” woke up ” 7years ago and have being doing reaserch ever since. I started thinking about the face I see on brand and then I saw through the mask . He’s a tool. Out of chaos comes order . I get this feeling he’s not in yet sort of on the edge like he has to prove himself first before he is worthy of being illuminated. The books only the beginning there’s more things this guy could pull out with the right sort of backing . And keep an eye on his weath when he’s in they pay very well for services rendered. He knows what he’s doing he’s a showman loves the camara and don’t care what you think he might know what we know and use that to his advantage to sell his book . The illuminati know we are waking up he’s just a tool to confuse people .

    • I love the pictures with him shaking the Queens hand and also having been with Illuminati princess Katy Perry. They play all sides because they control the media and roll out the controlled opposition when they think they need to trick the masses.

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