Kurzwell’s Nano-Frankenstein Borg Dream!

“I Will Be Like The Most High!”

Sounds familiar?  Satan said it first, now man wants to be like God!  You would be crazy to trust the liars parading around today in the public sector or government.  When is the last time that you heard any truth spoken over the TV.  The Jesus Scoffers and Mockers want a world where they are God.  The Ends justifies the means is the motto of these liars.

This does bring up the questions related to mark of the Beast and also exposes the Transhumanist’s very own belief that transhumanism will eventually exterminate man.  They believe that this is a natural evolutionary process where the less evolved species is terminated to make way for the newer and better improved.  This is the same homicidal evolutionary dribble that you see with the New Age movement and their belief that those who don’t evolve, Christians, need to be killed for their own good so they can reincarnate as a more evolved psychopathic transhumanist.

Christians can see it coming from all sides.  Satan’s grand end time deception has convinced many that they will evolve if they take the “Red” pill.  All they are doing is damning their souls to hell by denying Christ and taking the Mark of The Beast.

Here is a nice little Transhumanist Song just so you can see that people are serious:


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