Lindsey Graham’s Lost South Carolina Nuke Story Follow-up. What Happened? (Updated)

I am posting a follow-up post to the breaking news United States missing nuke warning that went out over a month ago.  Alex Jones and weird statements by Lindsey Graham about South Carolina getting nuked if we didn’t start WWIII by bombing Syria led to a crazy breaking news story.  I have been looking for any information on this story since that date.  Now PP Simmons post articles related to the original incident and suggests that an earthquake that occurred off of South Carolina was a nuclear explosion.  The story has links which I suggest you read.

Nuke Story Follow-up!

Original Story About South Carolina Nuke Story

LINK (Story)

Secureteam10 posted a video follow-up to this story and it is very alarming and should be shared.  The shadow government is definitely attempting to destroy Americans and the prayer of the saints and good military commanders have thwarted evil so far.  It is just buying us time so others can get saved in the days prior to The Great Tribulation.

Jim Garrow adds more information on the firing of Admirals and Generals related to an attempt to have an EMP attack on the United States.


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