Government Soft Kill Technology in Vaccines

Nano technology is being used against humanity by the world’s governments as they attempt to depopulate the globe for their NWO.  This is what happens when you allow Satanists anywhere in government.  Only a decentralized local government structure would eliminate the elites homicidal agenda.  Luckily Jesus is coming soon and these evil men and women will be dealt with permanently.  Don’t trust anything the government says concerning vaccinations.


7 thoughts on “Government Soft Kill Technology in Vaccines

  1. I found this a very difficult video to watch, as a Christian I am aware of the conspiracies that are abounding in this world to dumb people down and to try and deceive even the elect! However, I am also an Immunisation Specialist Nurse and and believe that the work I am doing is protecting children and young people from disease. I am very glad that the Lord is leading me to retire in December as I am not sure of anything anymore! I am even questioning the fact that I am taking Isotonic Magnesium liquid which has been helping me with chronic night cramps. I am so glad that the Lord is soon returning and I continue to look for His blessed return!! Amen

    • Amen, Deception is the standard today. You can’t get government to be honest. I know the medical community is really struggling with the Obamacare hijacking of a good quality care system. Just keep your eyes on Jesus! Amen!

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