The New World Order Plan– A Satanic Counterfeit of Genesis 47

I am just putting out my thoughts  of what I think is the foundational roadmap for the creation of the New World Order strategy.  I believe that the New World Order plan came from “The Father of Lies”,  Satan!  Since Satan has never had an original thought in his life, he has shown himself to be a counterfeiter of God’s creation.  Therefore, following a deductive reasoning pattern I looked at the Bible for my answers to the New World Order Strategy.


The first area where most people stop to see the obvious rebellion of men against God is in The Tower of Babel story, Genesis 11.  Nimrod represents the first Biblical Type of Antichrist to appear in opposition to God.  Nimrod, most likely a hybrid, established the first man made dictatorship government with the goal of assaulting heaven through some type of stargate.  This was the reason for constructing the tower to rise to the level of the gate system.  This is the basic premise behind the movie, Elysium.  Man breaking into the most secure place in the heavens where there is no death, “Heaven”.  God of course confused the languages and scattered men.  All these people dispersed throughout the globe with the same counterfeit trinity story of Nimrod, Semiramis, & Tammuz.  This is where our society has become saturated with Egyptian Illuminati imagery which originally came from Genesis 11.


Solomon records in the Book of Ecclesiastes a remarkable statement that every generation forgets about life.  What was will be again.  There is nothing new under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:8-10

King James Version (KJV)

All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

10 Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

So this brings me to the topic of what period in the Bible reflects what the Illuminati or New World Order is attempting to do during these End Times with the establishing of the last kingdom listed in Daniel.  I believe that the story which relates closest with what is occurring right now is reflected in Genesis 47.

This is my condensed version of Genesis’s account of Joseph.    Joseph the son of Jacob also known as Israel, the father of the modern tribes of Israel.  Joseph a type of Christ betrayed by his brothers, thrown in a well, brought out of the well sold to midianites then to Ishmaelites and then sold as a slave in Egypt.  He rose to second in command of Egypt under Pharoah because of his ability to interpret Pharoahs dreams of a coming famine.  Joseph prepares Egypt for the famine and stores up grain for seven years of famine.  Joseph is a savior for his family and Egypt.


What is interesting about this story is that Joseph is a blessing to Egypt and Pharoah and the surrounding famine ravaged countries.  Here Pharoah respected Joseph’s God, Joseph, and even received the blessing of Jacob.  The world was blessed through Joseph, who was faithful to God.  This is the last time that Egypt and Pharoah are shown as listening to God and being blessed.

This brings me to Chapter 47 and the counterfeit tactics that the New World Order is implementing as an evil counterfeit to the original story of Joseph in Egypt.  Verse 13 begins to show that the spread of famine made Egypt the only place to buy grain.  The New World Order through Monsanto and corporate farmers have seized the agricultural lands limiting an individuals ability to stay free of agricultural tyranny and destroyed native seed with GMO seed.   The New World Order is forcing famine upon the globe to depopulate the globe and use Malthusian tactics to impose tyranny.    Joseph was used as a blessing to save men and the NWO is destroying agriculture to kill people.

The famine was so harsh that in verse 14, all the money of the people was depleted to purchase the grain from Egypts store houses.  The famine was destroying any ability for people to make a living.  The New World Order is purposely destroying the currency in the United States and globally making all currency worthless.  The globes ability to purchase food to survive is almost depleted.  Americans will notice the recent EBT Riots that occurred showing that the NWO is trying to promote chaos and starvation to destroy people and governments.

Verse 15-17 show that when money failed people BARTERED their only possessions which had value, which was cattle.  Cattle that was used to plow fields and work farms.  Cattle could no longer be fed for the high grain food costs, so men traded to get food for their families.

Verse 18-20 shows the progression that the people no longer had any belongings other than their bodies and their lands.  So the people sold themselves to Pharoah as servants and Pharoah owned all the land of Egypt just so people could survive.  Now the NWO will destroy all currency and demand that only people who get RFID Mark Of The Beast Technology will be able to buy and sell goods.  All those that don’t cooperate with the Beast System will die from starvation and exposure.

Verse 21 shows the population being moved off their sold property into cities.   The NWO system has Agenda 21 which has a re-wilding of rural land and the moving of people into designated cities controlled by a police state.  Just look at Judge Dredd to get an image of an Agenda 21 city.

Verse 22-26 shows that the people viewed Joseph as their savior and sowed seed for Pharoah and gave 1/5th of their harvest to Pharoah in return for being saved from death by starvation.  The NWO antichrist savior will do the same thing but demand that all worship him or die.


The Antichrist Savior that will come after Obama destroys America and starts WWIII and nuclear war will be the Mahdi Islamic prophesied antichrist  that will come out of the well, a counterfeit of Joseph coming out of the well.  Of course I believe that the Antichrist will have a Jewish semitic background and most likely be connected to the tribe of Dan but who knows this is my best guess concerning him.  According to the Antichrist plan he will eventually try to destroy all flesh and create man in his own image by modifying DNA.  Men will no longer bare God’s image.  Those with the Mark of The Beast will be damned and burn eternally in hell for rejecting Jehovah God and embracing their Satanic Messiah.


This is how Satan does things.  He perverts and counterfeits God’s plans in an attempt to be God.  Satan is a created being that can never rise to the level of creator.  He will be thrown into the lake of fire eventually for the unfathomable evil he has done to humanity.

I hope this post was of interest to others and I would like to hear any feedback you can add to this post.  Thanks!  God Bless!  Get saved now!


4 thoughts on “The New World Order Plan– A Satanic Counterfeit of Genesis 47

  1. I look up and see my redemption draweth nigh and look for the blessed hope of Jesus appearing! No matter what true believing Christians are on the victorious side and our hope is in Him!

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