Murder of The Unborn To Be Declared A Human Right By European Parliament!

The advocates of modern human blood sacrifice, better known as abortion, are attempting to bypass the majority of civilized humanity and couch murder under the guise of human rights.  How clever of this fallen world to say that murder is a God given right.  I can hear Martin Luther King right now saying, “I have a dream that one day we will be able to kill the unborn.”  Doesn’t really sound right, does it?

Murder of The Unborn is  a Human Right

Christians need to do spiritual warfare on behalf of the innocent that cannot defend themselves from such animals!

Belgium proposes Child Euthanasia 


4 thoughts on “Murder of The Unborn To Be Declared A Human Right By European Parliament!

  1. Sacrifices to Molech all the rage, God will answer in the same way He did before.We must teach and yet so many feel that telling others when they are doing something wrong is taboo and not showing love. How can you love without telling them they are risking their souls? God bless you!

    • A friend tells their friend the truth because of love. Telling people that abortion is blood sacrifice to the ancient gods like Molech will offend. Truth confronts and allows the person to respond. If someone confronted by truth continues in their ways then they know they are violating God’s law. That is their choice. God is PRO-CHOICE! He gives you the opportunity to follow him and his ways. However, you can go through life rejecting Jesus and God. That is your choice. Hurt feelings are temporary but they may lead to repentance and salvation. That is true love! God’s love for all of us even the unloved and rejected.

      • I do not mean that we tell the that they are sacrificing on the alter of Molech, but like our own children, we tell them that they are making a choice that is wrong in the eyes of God and could cost them their eternal soul. Too many would stay silent and not speak out for fear of offending and preach that it is their choice and while it is their choice, if it is made in ignorance, it is not really a choice is it? If people do not know what God wants, they can not choose one way or another. If we deny them the opportunity to make an educated choice, we are offering them the possibility of eternal life. If we stay silent, we may be condemning them forever. Offense is a small price to pay, God’s love is the greatest reward they could obtain. Silence gives neither!

      • Amen, Christ spoke out in love and the world killed him. If he had no love he would have let everyone perish. It is wrong to remain silent. Christ forgives but even though we are forgiven many still grieve for their bad choices. The whole world groans in sorrow over the fall of man. Christ is our only hope.

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